Who are we?

“ Re-engineering the food ecosystem to create the best in-home dining experience from a kitchen close to you. ”

TiffinLabs adopts data, advanced analytics, technology and supply chain capabilities to create a portfolio of delivery first restaurant concepts which our customers can order for in-home dining from one of our global network of cloud kitchens.

The opportunity
we are addressing

USD 800 Billion
Global market opportunity for off-premise dining.

“  For the first time, U.S. restaurants are projected to make more money from food consumed outside their doors than inside.  ”

CBS News
February 8, 2020

Exisiting Business Models:

TiffinLabs Business Model:

How do we address
this opportunity?

AI led Supply Chain
Source the best ingredients to make the best food.
Data Led
Analyse over 5000 Data points to optimise existing portfolio and define at a local area the cuisine gaps, needs and opportunities menus. Consumer panels in every city.
World renowned Chef’s
Curated cuisine, menus and the ideal recipes for delivery experience.
Production Network
In every continent ensures consistency of our food in every city.
Global Network of Kitchens
Allows every meal to be cooked close to our consumers.
Omnichannel distribution through online & offline.
Instant Quality
Our food and recipes are crafted to taste great consumed 30 minutes after cooking for in-home dining.
Personalized Dining
Bon appetit! Our food is best enjoyed from the comfort of your home or room.

What we do?


“US$200 Billion food delivery market is getting disrupted - TiffinLabs”

Our purpose: Re-engineering the food ecosystem to give you the best in-home dining experience from a kitchen near you.

TiffinLabs is a FoodTech company that is restructuring and re-systemizing the food industry to craft cuisines and brands aligned to the needs of the global in-home dining market, a market that is estimated to grow to US$1 trillion by 2030.

The food industry has evolved over the last 100 years, and despite this, it is still not built for consistent quality at scale. Over the last year, our founders – who have over 70 years combined experience in the global food and technology industries – have worked to re-systemize supply chain and organize the required ecosystem to cater to this gap. We believe the whole ecosystem needs to be restructured to deliver an economic, sustainable and user focused in-home dining food system.

The in-home dining demand and growth caught the industry by surprise driven by delivery platforms, cooking shows, food entertainment and time pressure on working professionals; and more recently, with the advent of COVID-19. However, the requirements of users for in-home delivered food content has not been addressed. Today, customer choice is more or less determined by the restaurants that are available in their catchment area, not through a data-based needs analysis. Furthermore, the business model of traditional restaurants have not been built for delivery at scale. A completely new model of crafting and supplying quality brands and food content is thus required to deliver what the customer ultimately wants in an economic and environmentally sustainable way. At TiffinLabs, we use the power of data analytics to identify food trends and organise our supply chain movements to fulfill our customer demands.

Over the last 18 months we have seen various players trying to tinker with the outer parts of the food ecosystem to capture this growth. We believe the whole ecosystem needs to be restructured to deliver sustainable in home food system.

We saw the gap in the global food system – quality identification was not being used for the fastest growing part of the food system - cuisines for delivery segment.

The technology and investment in the Food delivery business had focused on the delivery – the app, the map, the visualization but had not focused on the most important part of the customer experience – the food.

The system isn’t being rewarded for quality. If you can identify key parameters in the ecosystem and reward them for quality, that ecosystem will:

As such, with our founders deep experience in real estate and the global food industry, we set to integrate real estate and kitchen operating platforms into one - transforming under-utilized real estate and kitchens in multiple locations into efficient, delivery-enabled kitchens that bring the best in-home dining experiences to our consumers.

We knew creating a global scalable food ecosystem that had been strategically selected was the future of an end-to-end food excellence solution.

We are not a cloud kitchen company.
We are not a delivery company.
We are not a restaurant chain.

We are the future of the in-home dining experience from a kitchen near you.

When we formed the company, built our food ecosystem & supply chain, globally identified the best ingredients for our food, and investigated potential acquisitions we made several key observations:

How We Do It?

World Class R&D Facility

Food ingredient and packaging:
Sourcing the best ingredients, researching and developing the best packaging to ensure meals arrives fresh, hot and delicious.

Restaurant concept development:
World-class chefs test, develop and curate authentic food concepts and menus to ensure the best dining experiences for consumers.

Production & Preparation

Global food sourcing and central kitchen network ensures that high quality ingredients are passionately prepared to be finished at our partnered kitchens.

Global partnered kitchen network ensure that our restaurant concepts are cooked and finished as close to our consumers as possible in the world’s major cities.

AI / Data

Supply chain analytics to ensure only the freshest and best quality ingredients to produce our meals.

Consumer trend mapping to identify gaps in cuisine that consumers want in areas covered by our partnered kitchens.

Omnichannel Experiences

Curated digital-first omnichannel dining experiences to provide our consumers with a memorable in-home dining experience.

Community-based loyalty experiences that excite our consumers with new product launches, localized social impact initiatives and once in a life time culinary experiences.


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