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Taylor's Culinary Institute Collaborated with TiffinLabs on Entrepreneurial Competition

In order to embed real-world environment and original input from industry partners, Taylor’s Culinary Institute collaborated with TiffinLabs to conduct an Entrepreneurial Competition in mid-2022 for Final Year Diploma in Culinary Arts students.

Taylor's Culinary Institute Collaborated with TiffinLabs

狮城有约 | 科技一点通:新概念餐饮服务 云端厨房开拓新市场


New Straits Times

Loob Holding x TiffinLabs to bring new virtual restaurant brands to Malaysia

This collaboration will eventually see Loob deploying up to 100 kitchens to introduce TiffinLabs' virtual restaurant brands into the Malaysian market.


CNA Luxury

Singapore food tech company launches S$1m restaurant relief fund

The fund aims to boost revenue for Singapore bars and restaurants by allowing them to transform into TiffinLabs Partner Kitchens, with zero upfront costs.


Channel News Asia

Ahead of their time:
Featuring TiffinLabs

The restaurant industry has been radically overhauled by companies like TiffinLabs transforming brick and mortar into the cloud.


The Business Times

TiffinLabs acquires access to 1,000 delivery-enabled kitchens worldwide

FOOD-TECH firm TiffinLabs, which prepares and delivers cooked meals to its customers, on Monday said it has acquired access to 1,000 delivery-enabled kitchens across the US, Europe and Asia in hopes of creating an international cloud kitchen network.

Image by Bing HAO

Straits Times

Worth Watching in 2021: The rise of cloud kitchens

SINGAPORE - Cloudy with a chance of meatballs - that is the outlook for the food and beverage industry, as more operators turn to the rising number of cloud or ghost kitchens islandwide to expand their reach to hungry hordes across the island.

Image by Rowan Freeman

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