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Own a kitchen?
Earn up to S$25,518
more from food delivery

You cook the food, we do the rest.


Our In-house
Restaurant Brands

Hear from our Partners

We make money
when you make money

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Branding with professional imagery

Pre-tested ingredients and packaging

Train your kitchen on how to cook the food

Partner with us

Why Partner with us

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Powered by Data & Industry Expert

Delivery-optimised brands and recipes created based on robust data analytics capturing evolving consumer needs and food trends Be supported by our world-class team, with proven expertise in F&B, hospitality and eCommerce

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Fast Start, High Return

Plug and play our brands to serve customers in less than 2 weeks Generate additional $10,000+ per month Improve labor retention by 2 times

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Zero capex investment

Integrate our virtual restaurant brands into your existing kitchen, equipment and manpower Easy-to-prep recipes for maximum efficiency

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Strong Growth Momentum

Partnerships and brand co-creation with world's leading food producers like Nestlé, Barilla, and TiNDLE Now operating in Singapore, Malaysia and the United States with target of growing 1,00

Featured in the Media

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