‘Food Is Love’ Foundation by TiffinLabs pledges 30,000 meals for Singaporeans impacted by COVID-19

Stephen Netto
May 2020
In The News
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The initiative will see TiffinLabs provide food to low-income families and individuals who have experienced job displacement during this period of instability

New foodtech company TiffinLabs is partnering with local charity Free Food For All, under the #SGUnited banner, to deliver 20,000 meals to Singaporeans affected by the economic impact of COVID-19.

The initiative will see TiffinLabs provide food to low-income families and individuals who have experienced job displacement during this period of instability.

In addition, TiffinLabs will also provide an additional 10,000 meals to a range of organisations working with communities on the ground.

“We have seen applications for help grow ten-fold in the last two weeks due to the COVID-19 impact on the economy. The increase is predominantly from 21-35 year olds, young parents with two or more children. These are working families whose income has stopped and who are living off small or no savings,” said Nizar Mohamed Shariff, Chief Executive Officer at Free Food For All.

TiffinLabs’ ‘Food is Love’ Foundation was established to help low-income families who are facing food insecurity.

The first donation drive, which took place last Saturday (18 April), saw 5,000 meals distributed to those in need. In the coming weeks, families will receive ready-made meals that range from local delights such as Hainanese chicken rice to gourmet spaghetti beef bolognese, prepared in-house by TiffinLabs chefs.

“We feel truly humbled to be able to play our part in helping Singaporeans in this time of need. In the last two weeks, there’s been a significant increase in the number of Singaporeans who need help putting food on the table, and with TiffinLabs’ expertise in preparing and cooking freshly prepared high quality meals for delivery, we felt it was our duty to play our part,” noted Kishin RK, Chairman and Founder of TiffinLabs.

“It has been inspiring to be part of #SGUnited with businesses from all industries working with charities and the government to get help to where it’s most needed, and we will continue to support as long as there’s a need,” he added.

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