TiffinLabs “Food is Love” Foundation: As one of the Foundation's initiatives, from Saturday 18th April we will provide 30,000 free meals to Singaporeans whom have been effected by the economic effects of COVID-19.

TiffinLabs – “Food is Love” Foundation  was born to help people in need in key metro cities in which we operate.  

Our expertise is managing farm to the fork food ecosystem and preparing the food near where the people in need are, in the major cities of the world. In these cities there are thousands of families that are not eating a meal each night. We all know the family dinner is one of the most impactful ways parents show love to their kids, it's where families share, laugh, learn and grow.

To know working families are having to miss dinners and miss the most important time for love in the family - is something we could not stand by and watch.

We saw our expertise and our ability to lead the whole ecosystem could address this gap. So we built the foundation to collectively address this gap.

First 5000 meals being delivered by the TiffinLabs team

Who We Want to Help:

We focus on the people that may not get direct care termed “the working poor” (displaced)  – those that are close to the poverty line – they have jobs, they pay rent, they have families but have income insecurity - often in the gig economy so their income fluctuates. It may be a waiter you know, a driver you have used - they are the families that need support to remain as functioning parts of society – our passion is to ensure they get the food they need.

Brady, Fullerton, and Cross (2010) accessed this data through the Luxembourg Income Study.

We work with each part of food ecosystem to provide cuisine for delivery and help the people in need:

We are leading this ecosystem to help those in need in key cities around the world.

The foundation will work with selected partners in the food ecosystem i.e. where food is grown, distributed, manufactured, warehoused and delivered to get the food to the people that need it, because Food Is Love.

"Re-Systemizing the Food supply chain - End-to-End Food Excellence Solution for cuisines for delivery and helping the families that don’t have dinner each night."

– TiffinLabs “Food is Love” Foundation


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