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Benefits of TiffinLabs

for restaurants

TiffinLabs opens up a lucrative business opportunity for kitchens with extra capacity. We help you turn that extra capacity into an independent online food delivery business and steady, new revenue stream.

You have the kitchen, you have the staff: maximize your fixed costs with a NEW online brand.

Developed though data

Our concepts are developed through data. We identify the most craved cuisines nationwide and create lovable brands your customers want.

What Customers Crave

We understand the customer first. When developing our concepts, our team looks at:


- Customer demographics

- Top selling menu items by city and state

Competitive pricing by demographic

Turnkey, Low-Risk

Low-Risk, high-return opportunity to take your business to the next level!


- Leverage your fixed costs

- Increase your profit margins

- Get started in 30 days or less!

Here's what the industry is saying about us

"Ahead of it's time, Tiffinlabs is radically overhauling the restaurant industry"

"Tiffinlabs acquires access to 1000 delivery enabled kitchens globally"

"Tiffinlabs uses AI driven systems to create brands that users want"