Re-engineering the food ecosystem to create the best in-home dining experience from a kitchen close to you.

Our Restaurant Brands

The recipes for all our brands come from the best chefs in their cuisines. The two reasons our food is rated so highly consistently is our Farm to Fork Food Supply Chain Vision which demands our food has the best ingredients. Working with chefs using these ingredients with their passion for making cuisines for delivery allows for as good or better than restaurant quality meals for our customers. All our Brands have been developed and tested in our R&D facility in Singapore. A country renowned for its food from all over the world and its quality standards.

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Our Proposition

TiffinLabs is a food technology company that is re-engineering the food value chain to provide consumers with restaurant-quality food at home. We have invested in passion, capabilities, people, technology and partnerships to deliver the best in-home dining experience to our consumers around the world.

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World Class
R&D Facility
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R&D facility focused on testing, developing and crafting meals that are sensory testing every week.

At our world class R&D facility, we test, develop and craft authentic menus to provide the best in-home dining experience for our consumers.

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Production & Preparation

State of the art fresh food production and central kitchen facilities finished at partnered kitchens close to our consumers.

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We have partnered with restaurant brands to develop digital-first smart kitchens where we create state-of-the-art food concepts for our consumers.

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AI & Data

We have Invested in Artificial Intelligence company in Cambridge UK to enable the transformation of Supply chain analytics, sourcing and traceability to ensure only the freshest ingredients are used to produce our meals and faster B2B contract facilitation.

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We harness the power of AI and data analytics to enable the transformation of supply chain efficiency, sourcing & traceability, while also identifying  food trends that cater to our consumer’s needs.

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Creating memorable online to in-home dining experiences for every occasion and segment. Community based events and loyalty programs to create TiffinLabs culinary communities in every city.

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Our omnichannel experiences aim to create memorable online to in-home dining experiences for every occasion and segment.

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Our Milestones

in the next 12 months
Dishes Created
Restaurant Concepts
Distinct Cuisines

Global Coverage

We have a global presence, and have an operating model with teams in the following regions: USA (New York), Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Europe (United Kingdom, Germany). The operating model allows us to establish supply chains and operationalize our food concepts aligned to local consumers' in-home dining needs.




UK, Germany

Asia Pacific

Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea


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If you’re interested in TiffinLabs services or products or just want to get in touch please drop us an email and we’ll be in touch.
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